Are you interested in volunteering with a dynamic Berlin-based social startup that connects newcomers and locals via social, language and professional events? Do you like to take initiative and carry out your own projects or events? If so, we invite you to join us!

Who are we? SINGA Deutschland is an organisation that connects newcomers and locals living and working in Berlin. This includes social, cultural, and athletic events, language exchange programs, and professional mentoring.

How can you get involved? We are currently seeking volunteers, both newcomers and locals, who are interested in starting, organizing, and contributing to social, language, athletic, and other projects in SINGA. We are also looking for volunteers to help spread awareness of SINGA through marketing/social media, and via photography/videography.

Main Points:

  • Volunteer with a cool, diverse community in Berlin
  • Time commitment: flexible and regular
  • We are looking for people with enthusiasm, ideas, and a willingness to make a long-term commitment to the SINGA community

Next Steps:

  1. Register as a volunteer by filling out this questionnaire.
  2. Participate in the volunteer onboarding session on Wednesday and meet other members of SINGA.
  3. Become a vital part of the SINGA Deutschland community!

SINGA LANGUAGE CAFÉ, every Monday, 5pm

(currently paused, starts again October 10)

DaWanda Snuggery, Windscheidtstraße 19, 10627 Berlin

SINGA Sprachcafe brings newcomers and German speakers together that are interested in meeting new people and learning new languages. Every Monday evening people can join the German conversation groups as well as look for one-on-one tandem partners with whom they would like to exchange languages.
We will design the next SINGA Sprache events around the requests from the community, so feel free to join us and suggest new ideas!

SINGA & HU-LeWi LANGUAGE CAFÉ, every Thursday, 6pm

(currently paused, starts again October 20)

Invalidenstraße 42, 10115 Berlin

SINGA and the Life Sciences Faculty of Humboldt University jointly organise a language café on the university campus. Here you can learn languages with students.