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brings our community together through a variety of social and cultural activities in order to build relationships that last. Be it storytelling evenings, music and jam sessions, literature circles or cooking, the events and activities are developed together with and based on the interests and requests from the community. 

Ghais_Website.001SINGA Sprache

connects newcomers and German speakers who would like to meet new people through language. Language partners meet on a weekly basis to practice speaking each other’s languages in a variety of settings, both one-on-one and in small conversation groups. 

SAbeer&KareemINGA's Professional Mentoring Programme

matches newly arrived and local professionals according to similar occupational background, area of interest and skill-set. The program aims to enable an even exchange among professionals. In particular, the local mentor acts as a professional contact person, enabling newcomers to gain knowledge about local work culture, job application processes, information specific to their occupation and industry in Germany, as well as the opportunity to attend relevant networking events. Local mentors have the opportunity to meet international colleagues, learn about how their occupation and sector function abroad and the opportunity to attend external networking events.

SINGA Business Lab

is an incubation program in Berlin that focuses on the positive potential and needs of newcomer entrepreneurs interested in starting a business or social venture in any sector. If you are new in Germany, have a great idea for a business, social business or artistic project that you want to develop and you need business development workshops, legal information and a support networks to take your project to the next level, then our incubation program is the perfect choice for you! Find out more via