SINGA Berlin builds impactful, ground-breaking, and sustainable solutions for inclusive societies and innovative economies. In the awareness that migration is experienced differently, we foster inclusive environments in which participation, appreciation, and empathy contribute to everyone experiencing belonging and agency.


We focus on the whole human being, value different experiences, and believe that everyone can contribute to an inclusive society and an innovative economy. We recognize that experiences of inequality, injustice, and discrimination are key obstacles to living a fulfilling life. We respond to these by building safe spaces that encourage self-reflection, learning, trust, and honesty in order to im build an inclusive society.

We aim for systemic change. Through building meaningful connections between locals and newcomers, based on shared passions and an inclusive mindset, we enhance the power of each individual to drive change within their networks. We find impactful solutions to individual and societal challenges through co-creation, innovation, and appreciation. 

As SINGA Berlin, we constantly strive to be a more inclusive, innovative, and impactful organisation.


SINGA means „connection“ and that is the core of what we do. By creating spaces that enable a mutual exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge amongst equals we aim to redefine the current language and practice of inclusion. That way, these spaces become labs in which innovative solutions to societal challenges are developed together.



SINGA Launches StartIN Europe with the Support of Visa Foundation With the support of Visa Foundation, SINGA, a global organization empowering people newcomers through social and entrepreneurial connections, is strengthening the migration-led innovation in Europe through the launch of a European ecosystem called StartIN.

SINGA and UTOPIES have joined forces to create a charter for the inclusion of newcomers in the workplace. This charter has already been signed by more than 40 signatories including major groups, VSEs/SMEs, Networks, and Startups. Rather than viewing newcomers solely as an available workforce that needs to be trained to adapt to market needs, the signatory companies assume that they want to transform their organization to be inclusive and welcoming of interculturality. Read more



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