The first SINGA organization was founded 2012 in Paris. Since then SINGA France has successfully established an international network of engaged people. Today local SINGA organisations can be found in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and Switzerland. All local organisations share common values but are tailoring their work according to local needs.

SINGA Deutschland was founded in 2016. Our portfolio includes the SINGA Business Lab, Professional Mentoring, Language Café and Living Room Events. Our activities are taking place in Berlin and the surrounding area. At the same time we support organisations and initiatives all over Germany in implementing innovative projects that lead towards an inclusive society. 

'SINGA' is a word in the Lingala language spoken in Congo and means 'connection'. 



Fabian Thun

SINGA Germany Director
Fabian joined SINGA right after coming back from Brazil where he taught German at the university. As coordinator of our Community Events he can fully live out his passion to bring people together. Through work experience on three continents he has worked with people with very different stories, which makes Berlin his favourite city since it combines all these aspects. At SINGA Fabian has also found a place where he can use his affinity for communication trends and graphic design to make our interactions more efficient and more beautiful.

Luisa Seiler

Luisa's curiosity for a myriad of migration related topics has brought her to work and study migration, while on the move herself. Whether conducting research, consulting or working for international organisations in Morocco, Turkey or Germany, her work has always involved departing and arriving in new places. She has long been concerned with the question: "How can people be empowered to engage in society to their full potential when arriving in a new place?" Luisa was inspired to co-found SINGA Deutschland after working with SINGA France. Since a few months, she has been making good use of her experience to support the SINGA team as an advisor.

Sima Gatea

Sima is a local in Toronto, Heidelberg and Berlin and grew up in a family where migration and mixed identity consistently played a formative role. While writing her M.A. thesis on the international exchange of migration and urbanisation initiatives, Sima also began teaching German to asylum seekers and creating an on and offline community connecting her students with Heidelberg locals and international students, called "Meet & Greet Heidelberg". Interested in how social entrepreneurship can be used to create innovative solutions to existing challenges, Sima recently moved back to Berlin to co-found SINGA Deutschland. Today, she's a precious advisor for the SINGA Team.

Ghayth Mohamad Nashed

Ghayth was born in 1985 in Aleppo, Syria. After having worked with SINGA and co-founded the SINGA Business Lab, his degree in economic and Business administration from Aleppo University helped him to co-found Bab al-Jinan, a - delicious - Street food & Catering company. He is now a shareholder of SINGA Deutschland gUG.

Manuel Güll

SINGA Business Lab Program Manager
Manuel has always been passionate about changing the world - starting with human rights activism when he was a teenager. After graduation Manuel worked in politics and public administration in Berlin before moving on to the business world where he worked in Hamburg, Vienna and Amsterdam as part of the management team of a large global corporation. When close to a million refugees moved through Austria in 2015, he - together with hundreds of thousands - volunteered to welcome these newcomers. Back in Berlin Manuel worked as a volunteer manager and social worker in a refugee home before joining SINGA. He has a Masters degree in Anthropology from Sussex University (UK) and is a qualified coach.

Amer Alqadi

Entrepreneur Guide
Amer comes from a strong business management background, having worked in Syria in many positions in Human Resources, including HR Trainer for one of the Middle East's largest industrial companies. After arriving in Berlin, it was easy for him with his open-minded personality and sense of humour (and his BIG SMILE!) to make new friends. Amer is keen to bridge between newcomers and the local community by organizing social events and by working as a volunteer translator with Volkshochschule. At SINGA Business Lab, he works closely with the entrepreneurs, supporting them and making sure that they’re on the right path achieving their goals.

Natasa Nikolic

SINGA Germany Partnership Manager
Moving to Berlin to pursue her Master Studies, Natasa came to stay. After organizing different art and culture projects, she decided to follow her interest in the topic of migration and joined SINGA in Berlin. Being an expat herself, she brings an authentic contribution and tons of motivation. With her background in Marketing and Event Management, she makes a perfect fit for her position as Partnership Manager in the SINGA team.

Suhayl Chettih

Suhayl is a problem solver, business designer, and entrepreneur. He loves nothing more than a good challenge, and is passionate about solving the world’s most critical problems with creativity, technology, and hard work. When he saw Germany’s welcoming attitude to millions of refugees, he was inspired to do his part in making this “integration” a success story. Suhayl has worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and is a graduate of Georgetown University, holding a dual degree in Political Economy and Arabic.

Amelie Hübner

SINGA Business Lab Stuttgart, Co-Founder SINGA Stuttgart
Amelie is fascinated by the power of innovation to bring out opportunities where they may be least expected. With an academic and professional background in entrepreneurship and innovation management, it was in particular her experience working together with young entrepreneurs in Uganda that inspired her to start SINGA Business Lab in Stuttgart. Having lived, studied and worked all around the world she sees the positive influence of welcoming encounters and perspectives and the value they create for a healthy society.

Peter Schumacher

SINGA Business Lab Stuttgart, Co-Founder SINGA Stuttgart
After having studied civil engineering and with several years of industry experience, Peter felt the urge to have a greater impact on people’s lives. Joining the Social Innovation Academy in Uganda and working with marginalized youth to start social businesses had a huge impact on his own life. Deeply motivated by the empowering effects of entrepreneurship, he is now using his knowledge and experience back home. Having found his own purposeful way of life he wants to enable others to build their own fulfilling perspectives.
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