SINGA welcomes partnerships with a variety of stakeholders including individuals, foundations, companies and universities interested in supporting our work/that share our vision. If you or your organisation are looking to support innovative projects around social cohesion, labour market access and inclusive entrepreneurship, please get in touch.


Join, donate, fundraise

Looking for a project to support that will give you new ideas and inspiration? Donate your time, money or network to SINGA! Go a step further? Turn your next party into a fundraiser that’s fun and meaningful by asking your guests to donate to SINGA!


Fund, Consult, Impact

SINGA is eager to partner with foundations that share our values and are committed to supporting systemic change in the areas of integration, social inclusion and labour market access. In addition to funding, we are interested in exploring other forms of cooperation such as joint-communication campaigns or the creation of smart networks to leverage the potential of collective impact.


Sponsor, Train, Innovate

SINGA values partnerships with innovative and socially responsible companies. By working with us, your business and employees have the opportunity to give back to society while gaining experience in social innovation, intrapreneurship and transcultural mentoring. From corporate sponsoring and training to expert consulting, our collaboration can take many forms.


Interview, Measure, Evaluate

SINGA is a thought leader in re-thinking integration from a social innovation and transcultural perspective. The impact of our approach and programs can be looked at both qualitatively and quantitatively. We partner with researchers and academic institutions to accompany and evaluate each program in order to measure our impact and constantly improve our theory of change.

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