There is a wide range of German courses for newcomers available. Countless language courses give newcomers the opportunity to learn the basis of the German language in form of grammar, vocabulary or conversation exercises.

Once the class is over however the is a lack of occasions to apply the learned skills in social informal settings and in many cases the new language remains an instrument to communicate with public authorities.


SINGA Sprachcafé (language café) offers the opportunity to get to know new people outside of the teacher / student context and to apply the new language skills in informal, relaxed conversation groups. The Café provides the weekly framework for newcomers and locals to meet and to have conversations in German.

Through volunteer engagement we provide a weekly topic with open questions to support the conversation.


Since the first SINGA Sprachcafé in March 2016 78 Sprachcafés have taken place with about 10-15 participant each week (as of January 2018). This includes participants who have been part of the Sprachcafé since the very beginning as well as new participants who have joined us only recently.

Through SINGA and the Sprachcafé, I get to enjoy the pleasure of meeting great people and sharing ideas and experiences over and over again. Everyone is welcome at SINGA, everyone helps everyone, it's a form of social cohesion that is becoming increasingly important. Come on over and let yourself be inspired!
Maria ErdmannCoordination of Language Cafés
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