We unleash the power of migration at the local level in Berlin, where newcomers not only work on their professional future as (future) entrepreneurs or IT students but also make meaningful connections with other like-minded newcomers and locals, experiencing a sense of belonging and agency. With our strong expertise in inclusive entrepreneurship and diversity, we are working on joining programs with local leaders to create more inclusive societies and enhance the pool of indirect beneficiaries.
Local project 2016 - now
An inclusive pre-incubator that was co-created with newcomer entrepreneurs to identify their key challenges and design a program that would best enable their success.

Would not be possible without VISA Foundation.
Local project 2018 - now
The Berlin Newcomer StartUp Award awards promising business ideas and (future) newcomer entrepreneurs.

Would not be possible without City of Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.
International project 2020 - 2023
Shaping Inclusive Societies is an opportunity for passionate and active participants focused on the topic of migration and on creating truly inclusive societies in which all people can realise their full potential and talents.

Would not be possible without Robert Bosch Stiftung.
Local project 2022 - now
Through a series of 5 workshops, utilizing playful and innovative methods, we aim to foster much-needed motivation and self-awareness in a safe environment.

Would not be possible without INCO Opportunity.
International project 2022 - 2023
This project aims to strengthen the economic and social inclusion of returning migrants in Senegal.

Would not be possible without GIZ.
Completed projects
We have been doing projects since 2016 and in that time we have been able to create several successful and impactful projects that have fostered an inclusive and innovative society and brought together many like-minded newcomers and locals.
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